_dsc6935This is a place where I’m writing musing about technology and its use or impact in business, government and the home.

My long ago background is engineering where I hold a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and I worked in engineering for a number of years. The last 24 years I’ve worked for a well known silicon valley firm where I was the chief information officer for 19 years. During that time I’ve traveled throughout the world and lived in Singapore for a few years. Lots of great friends and connections around the world. You can read more details about my background on LinkedIn.

Here are few places where I’ve done things online.

  1. I went to school at Oklahoma State University where I studied Electrical Engineering. They recently honored me by including me in the Hall of Fame for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. The post about it is here. Unexpected and fun. Saw one of my former professors at the event.
  2. An interview with Salesforce.com in their IT Visionaries series.
  3. A recent in Forbes about my long tenure as a CIO at a high-tech company. A podcast of the interview is posted here.
  4. And an article in CIOReview about Big Data where I contributed some thoughts.
  5. An interview about being ‘social’ is posted here.
  6. A 2011 article and interview with the Financial Times here where we talked a lot about change.
  7. In 2010, I spoke at the Google Atmosphere conference on cloud applications. Some notes from that conference were published by Appirio.
  8. A 2008 interview with Informationweek.
  9. A 2003 interview about applying Six Sigma ideas to IT is posted at CIO.com.
  10. In the Spring of 2014, I did the commencement address at Oklahoma Christian University. It was an experience. The video is posted here.

On a journey…